Korhan will be speaking at online symposium on fieldwork

Korhan will be giving a talk on the expeditions to extereme enviroments for ecological research on this saturday. You can attend the event with he link below: Zoom linki: https://istanbul-edu-tr.zoom.us/j/93788873062?pwd=TEhsc3daN2xiMWdLZDhsaUZ4NnVtUT09 Meeting ID: 937 8887 3062 Passcode: 846156  


We were at Aegean Seminars For Computational Ecology And Evolution 2021

We joined the summer school which was conducted by Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Society (EkoEvoDer). Korhan Özkan gave a lecture about major concepts in ecology which were related to community ecology, species environment relationships, species-species interactions.  The seminars are going on till the evening of April 28. We are happy to be a part of […]


Upcoming Summer School

Aegean Seminars for Computational Ecology and Evolution will take place online on April 24 – 28. Korhan Özkan will be attending as a speaker in the seminars and discussing both on the theory of the community ecology and giving examples on how to use statistics to a-understand assembly of ecological communities. You can reach the […]


We were at Shallow Lakes 2021!

Tekin presented our recent work on Konya Closed Basin, which has been facing dramatic water loss, in the Shallow Lakes Conference, 2021. Our study describes the decadal changes in size and salinity of lakes, and also dramatic decline of waterbirds and fish abundance and species richnes in lakes in the Konya Closed Basin, Turkey, which […]


Our paper has been selected among the best papers of 2020 by Toxins!

Our group has collaborated with a large group of researchers to better understand cynobacteria communities across Europe. Our paper analyzing cynobacterial toxins and their environmental drivers selected by Toxins among the best papers in 2020. We are happy to be a part of such large scale effort. You can read our paper here.

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We were at “Climate Change and Our Seas Symposium”

We presented our research on high latitude and altitude ecosystems in the online workshop “The Climate Change and Our Seas” which was conducted by Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TÜDAV) and Institute of Marine Sciences of Middle East Technical University (IMS METU). High latitude and altitude ecosystems are sentinels of climate change and facing dramatic ecosystems […]


Turkish Academy of Sciences award to Korhan Özkan & Erik Jeppesen

Korhan Özkan got selected for Turkish Academy of Science (TÜBA) 2021 Young Scientist Awards (GEBİP). We are also pleased that our collaborator Erik Jeppesen was also got TÜBA International Academy Award. More information on the awards are here. Big congratulations to Korhan and Erik for their outstanding achievements. We are grateful to TÜBA and their […]


We were at SCAR Conference and 4. National Polar Workshop presenting our work on Antarctic Food Webs

Our team presented ongoing research on Antarctic Peninsula Food Webs in the SCAR Conference in 3-7 August 2020 and 4th National Polar Research Workshop on the 22nd of October 2020. In the online conference, 3 poster presentations were presented by Esra Mine Ünal, Saba Başkır and along with an oral presentation, by Korhan Özkan. We […]


Polar Expedition Exhibition was in Furuzan Olşen Hall in METU Ankara Campus Library

A selection of photographs were exhibited in the Furuzan olşen Exhibition hall between 8-14 March of 2020. Photos were covering the stunning megafauna of the Antarctic, captured by Korhan Özkan during the Turkish Antarctic Expedition in 2019.